Curious discography

Banda alemã de gothic rock muito boa. Com traços de The cure, já participou de compilações como a goth is what you make it 6 e o tributo ao the Cure Our Voices.

Banda: Curious
País: Alemanha
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The Intimate Stranger- 2004

01. Thought Of Angels
02. The Silent Voice
03. Disaster
04. Your Apology
05. Eclipse
06. (A Chapter Of) Trivial Fiction
07. Beyond The Veil
08. A Thousend Sunrises
09. Falling
10. Rovers


Arrhythmia - 2008

01. Ressurection
02. Days
03. Slowly Decaying
04. To Run With The Hares And Hunt With The Hounds
05. To Ashes Down
06. J. Mary (Sweetheart)
07. Face A Wall
08. Dazzled
09. The Way To Nowhere
10. Holy Ground
11. Thrill B


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